Jon Forshee is a composer of Modern concert music for acoustic instruments, electro-acoustic forces, and mixed ensembles consisting of both (and more). Jon’s music demonstrates his passion for exciting and new compositional resources, as well as with computer music techniques and digital sound processing procedures. His compositions have been performed throughout the United States, in France and in Holland, and in China.

Creating a complete ecology for his creative work, Jon also writes and publishes articles on a variety of musical subjects, from early occult studies in Music to contemporary musical aesthetics and history. Musical transcription also figures prominently among Jon’s creative practices, and many of his transcriptions of ancient Chinese music and West African songs can be heard in his music.

Jon studied composition with Marylin Shrude at Bowling Green State University (B.A.), with Allan Schindler, Robert Morris and Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon at the Eastman School of Music (M.A.), and with Anthony Davis at University of California, San Diego (Ph.D). Jon also spent a year studying abroad in China, and lived in Paris, France, where he attended several Computer Music Centers.

Jon’s C.V. may be downloaded as a pdf here.