Additional Materials for Dr. Jon Forshee,
for the position of
Associate Professor of the Practice in Electronic Composition at the University of Kansas School of Music.

1. APOKATASTASIS (2021) – Chamber Orchestra with Computer-generated sound.
2. TRANSFIGURED VERSE (2021) – Harp with Computer-generated sound.
3. CURRENTS (2016) – Digital Video with Digitally-processed sound.

1. APOKATASTASIS – Chamber Orchestra with Computer-generated sound

Music for Ten Players and Computer-generated sound
Commissioned by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs

This recent electroacoustic work for chamber orchestra and computer represents a new extension of my work with live instruments and digitally-synthesized sounds. In this music, the timbres and colors of the computer part are treated as instruments in their own right, while also serving to extend the instrumental palette of the acoustic ensemble. This work also features a unique formal design in the shape of a chiasmus, a type of musical palindrome in which music ideas are heard in succession, then in reverse after the middle of the piece.

APOKATASTASIS was commissioned by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and was premiered by Dr. Colin McAllister and musicians of UCCS and the Colorado Springs Symphony Orchestra on March 19, 2021. This recording was subsequently released on Open Space Records, OSCD 48, and is available at the following address:

Live Premiere of APOKATASTASIS, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, March 19, 2021.

2. TRANSFIGURED VERSE – Harp with Computer-generated Sound

for Harp with Computer-generated Sound
Featured on the Centaur Records, January, 2022 release METAMORPHOSES,
by harpist Tasha Smith Godinez

TRANSFIGURED VERSE (2021) represents a fresh direction in my electroacoustic music work. As a true collaboration with harpist Tasha Smith Godinez, this piece took form over months of correspondence and file sharing. An important dimension of this work is the incorporation of the computer part, via foot pedal, as a controllable element by the harpist. By putting the computer part in Godinez’ control, she was able to modulate the pacing of the computer part to accommodate her tempi and phrasing.
(Below the image is a play button for the audio, plus a link to download the score.)

3. CURRENTS – Video with Computer-generated Sound

Digital Video with Computer-generated Sound
This video is a collaboration with filmmaker Russell Richardson. Collaboration is a vital feature of my creative practice, and I believe increased collaboration across disciplines and across media is crucial to nurturing the emotional and communicative powers of Art.

The soundtrack was created using Csound, the sound-synthesis programming environment developed by Barry Vercoe. Some mixing and editing was then accomplished in the DAW Adobe Audition.