Articles and Texts

“Speaking of Listening, Speaking of Seeing: Group Variations II by Benjamin A. Boretz and Russell Craig Richardson; Or, Dialogue Between Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd on ‘Time and What We Make of It’
The Open Space Magazine, Issue 19 / 20. 2016.

“Listening to Dimensions of Humanity: Roger Reynolds’ Sanctuary, Musical Cohesion, and Personal Identity”

“How a Short Story Becomes an Opera”
Interview of Heather Fowler and Jon Forshee by Queen’s Ferry
Press about the opera Blood | Hunger | Child.
Published July 2015 online here.

“Towards Transcribing Trevor Wishart’s Globalalia”
The Open Space Magazine, Issue 12. 2011.

“Who the Hell is J.K. Randall?”
The Open Space Magazine, Issue 8. 2006.
Live Music Reviews, Paris Link magazine, 2005–2006.

“Composers’ Desktop Project 5.0.1 review”
The Computer Music Journal, 29.5. 2006.

Perspectives of New Music, 43/2. 2006.

“Thinking around BAB-O”
The Open Space Magazine, issue 7. 2006.

“Reflexions of Robert Morris’ Four or Five Mirrors”
Open Space Magazine, Issue 6. 2004.